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All climbing –areas in Zillergrund/Stillupgrund and Zemmengrund can be reached within 5 minutes (by foot) up to 35 minutes (by car)

  • Ginzling

  • Ginzling Forrest and Bergstation

  • Nasenwand 10 min walk

  • Taufenkopf

  • Jaunkopf 3 Min drive /
    20 min walk

  • Ewige Jagdgründe / Kaserler Alm / Breitlahner 10 min drive

  • Schlegeis 30 min drive

  • Zillergrund

  • Fürstein 15 min drive

  • Schwarze Wand/Mühlwand 20 min drive

  • Gasthaus Au – Sundergrund – Zillergrund Forrest 30 min drive


Climbing-Gym Zillertal   / Aschau:

25min drive

Climbing-Gym Innsbruck / Innsbruck: 1h drive


Try the Nasenwand via ferrata in Ginzling or one of the three via ferratas in Mayrhofen to the Gasthaus Zimmereben (Equipment for the via ferratas can be rented at the  Salewa Shop Mayrhofen Tel: 0043.5285.63258  or at the Naturparkhaus Ginzling – V-Line only: Euro 3.- , complete set: Euro 10.-)


There are many options for hiking and mountain-walking to the isolated mountain-shelters in the back of the Zillertal. if you like it even more quiet and a even bit more adventureous, choose a hike on one of the remote paths up to one of the high cirques or peaks which you can reach starting from our house.

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