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A small grocery store where you can get the basic things can be found in Ginzling. The openig-hours are from 7-10:30 a.m.


Everything you need can be found just a short drive away in Mayrhofen:

Here you get a large variety of shops where you can find  doctors, pharmacy, groceries, sports-equipment, public pool, restaurants, bars etc.



Restaurants in Ginzling: 

Gasthaus Zemmtal

Our neighbour´s house:

3 min walk

Tel: 0043 528 65254


Gasthaus Altginzling

Center of town: 

5min walk

Tel: 0043 528 620296


Gasthaus Schwarzenstein

Edge of town:

10min walk

Tel: 0043 528 65226


Gasthaus Karlsteg

5 min drive                                          Tel: 0043 5286 5250


Gasthaus Breitlahner

10 min drive

Tel: 0043 52865212


Klausen Alm

15 min walk from Breitlahner

Tel: 0043 664 514717



Kaffee Alpenland

5 min walk 

Tel: 0043 528 65209

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